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Hospitality/Representation | Task: Concept, Management, Operations, PR & Marketing, Sales Support


Since our team at Tourism Unlimited „owns“ Best Boutique Collection and was the driving force behind it, we were pretty flexible in the definition of the core tasks. However, from the very beginning, we listened to the resort owners and their management teams. Their valuable input helped shape the concept and service offered tremendously.

First, we had to come up with our very own definition of „boutique resort“, as there is no common standard. We also wanted to ensure that we represent resorts that have a very unique flair and design, yet share some common values with regard to quality and customer service. So finally, we identified these core elements as essential requirements to become a member:

  • No more than 40 rooms/suites/tents
  • Stylish or welcoming exterior design
  • Property can not be part of any chain, regardless of how small or regional it may be
  • Have several key source markets and Germany/Switzerland/Austria is or should become one of them

Once the definition had been established, the following one-time and ongoing tasks were defined:

  • Launch of the umbrella marketing/representation company to represent individual, upscale dive boutique resorts in Europe
  • Akquisition of members
  • Launch of two websites: https://b2b.best-boutique-collection.com for hotel owners interested in joining and www.best-boutique-collection.eu for consumers
  • Launch PR campaign and ongoing PR work
  • Contracting of tour operators
  • Training of tour operator’s sales force
  • Support of the members during key dive shows in Europe


The Best Boutique Collection was launched in November 2018 with two member resorts in the Philippines: Amun Ini Beach Resort & Spa on Bohol with 16 rooms and Salaya Beach Houses on Negros with 9 suites and penthouses.

In March 2019, we welcomed the award-winning Bunaken Oasis Dive Resort with its lovely 12 cottages on Bunaken Island/North Sulawesi in Indonesia as the third member.

In June 2019, member number four, the Volivoli Beach Resort with 33 rooms in 5 different categories on Viti Levu in Fiji, joined the collection.

Due to the Corona pandemic, the acquisition of further members is on hold.

All members received outstanding press coverage in key dive and travel media, such as Tauchjournals, Scubamagazine, Silentworld, Tauchen, Unterwasser, Divernet, Diver, Save the Ocean, Scubaverse, Imagine, fvw and tourexpi to name just a few.

We also launched a dedicated YouTube channel for Best Boutiqe Collection. Now, showcasing cool underwater footage is fairly easy. Yet, we also a wanted to put the members in a different context that would make them visible as experts in their field. The idea to produce „How to“ videos for dive aspects was born, such as „How to dive with a full face mask“:

Video interview with Bigs Eggert, Amun Ini Beach Resort