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Destination Consulting | Tasks: Business Development, PR

The Origin

„You can’t do this!“ – that was the generally accepted statement about individual travel to Bhutan. In our capacity as travel editors, we are very stubborn and did not accept this statement.

This led to two activities. First, we needed a sufficiently equipped car and second, the permission to enter the country with it at. Both were not easy to achieve. But we succeeded. For the first time, a team from the Occident received permission to travel in a self-organised manner to Bhutan. The trip of Christoph and his Austrian friend Gert took place in November 2010. Christoph came home with 2.560 photos and started writing several articles.

The rich content he had in his head and on the hard disk proofed to be of high value…

The Assignment: Bhutan Destination Consulting

Mrs. Barbara Riepl, Thailand’s former Honorary Consul for Bavaria and Saxony, is one of the best friends of Her Majesty Ashi Sangay Choden Wangchuck of Bhutan, the queen mother. The crowned head naturally required royal care whenever she decided to visit Mrs. Riepl in Europe and perform representative duties on the one hand. Mrs. Riepl, on the other hand, aimed to support and further develop Bhutan’s economy and showcase the rich cultural heritage of the country.

In 2014, Tourism Unlimited was assigned with supporting the visit of a European trip of Her Majesty the Queen Mother Ashi Sangay Choden Wangchuck of Bhutan and corresponding meetings.

Christoph assertively organised highly official meetings, lectures, exhibitions and business meetings, such as a meeting with the imperial house of the Esterhazy family in Hungary and Austria about a Bhutan retrospective in Fertöd Castle, personal talks with Luitpold Prince of Bavaria about the construction of a brewery in Bhutan, a visit of the Royal Porcelain Manufactury at Nymphenburg Castle, and meetings with the Asian management of the car manufacturer BMW in Munich about a cooperation on electric mobility.

Christoph also played a vital role in setting up a scholarship programme for medical students from Bhutan with the renowned Semmelweis university in Budapest, Hungary.