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Hospitality/PR | Task: Launch campaign


Jamtara Wilderness Camp is an exclusive, luxury safari and tiger camp aimed to provide an unforgettable experience on the northern edge of Pench National Park, that inspired Rudyard Kipling to write his epic „The Jungle Book“ in Madhya Pradesh, India.

Tourism Unlimited has been assigned to initiate the launch PR campaign for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland in July 2014.
Based upon the success, a follow-up campaign announcing the extension of the camp followed suit in June 2015.


Jamtara Wilderness Camp has several unique selling points it can capitalize on. Starting with the exclusive location at the Northern entrance of the park, adding sustainability and unique experience aspects.

We picked the „Star Bed“ experience, based upon the tradition of the surrounding villagers who spent their nights in the fields on elevated platforms to keep a watchful eye on the animals, as the key image of the launch campaign. The photography, provided by the customers, has proven to be very effective and soon turned out to become a desirable element of key publications to feature it in their editorials.

Some of the major publications that covered the launch included:

  • Madame
  • Connoisseur Circle
  • Hotelling.net
  • Touristik Aktuell
  • Pregas.de
  • Weltjournal.de
  • Reise-Inspirationen