Sam’s Tours Palau

Dive Center | Tasks: Representation, PR, Marketing


Founded in 1990, Sam’s Tours Palau has quickly become one of the top dive centers in the world. When Sam’s Tours approaced Tourism Unlimited, they two main source markets were the US and Australia. European customers played a minor role. Within Europe, one tour operator was accountable for the main part of the revenue. Another challenge was the dominant position in Europe of a key competitor.

Sam’s Tours asked Tourism Unlimited for support in reaching out to more tour operators, broaden the source countries and ensure
a. less dependency from 1-2 key players
b. strengthen the European source market and bring it in balance with the other source markets


The key tasks include the general representation of Sam’s Tours in Europe. In that capacity, we act as the European office and extenden sales and marketing arm. We reach out to tour operators, qualify new partner inquiries, manage the contracts and keep the sales partners up to date on rates, promotions and general Palau information.

A strong focus of Sam’s Tours Palau has always been the sales partner network. Hence we make sure that Sam’s Tours is associated with the right partners who understand and appreciate the quality and commtiment of the product delivered and the team behind it. We train the sales staff and provide first-level-support for day-to-day questions around the destination and the product.

We work with key media and individual journalists, supporting press trips and inquiries, to ensure editorial coverage.

We also organise and/or attend the key dive shows in Europe, such as the boot show in Duesseldorf/Germany or the Salon de Plongée in Paris/France. We constantly monitor existing and new opportunities and consult the customer which events and shows are worth to visit or (co-)exhibit.